Finally! Here’s How You Can Bring To Life Those Naughty ‘50 Shades’ Fantasies Your Mind Can’t Stop Thinking About!

For Men & Women Who Are Ready To Stop Merely Reading About Sexual Domination & Submission And Start Experiencing This Delicious World For Real!

Dear fellow seeker,
Let me ask you something…

  • Do you ever find yourself craving the kind of sexy, intense experiences you read about in erotic novels like Fifty Shades of Grey?
  • Do you have a deep, unexplainable yearning that just can’t seem to be satisfied by ordinary sex?
  • Do you ever imagine what it would be like to surrender control and be masterfully “handled” by your Dominant partner? A man or woman who knew exactly how to play with your senses like a master musician plays their instrument and makes it come to life?
  • Or have you ever wondered… in your most private moments… what it would feel like to enjoy far more exciting and stimulating experiences than ordinary sex allows for?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Jennifer Benson, and I first got turned onto the idea of BDSM when all my friends kept talking about the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Sure, I had casually heard of BDSM before, but I never really considered it for myself.

That was something that other people did, not me…

Not the good girl from University of Austin, Texas with a 3.8 grade point average…

Not the working, full-time corporate career woman in a 2 year relationship with a great guy…

That’s Not The Kind Of Thing I’d Ever Do… Is It?

You have to understand I grew up pretty conservative. I am just a regular person trying to have a normal, happy life, and I don’t have a bunch of crazy emotional problems like I assumed “those BDSM people” must have.

And yet I found myself reading Fifty Shades of Grey for the first time. To be honest, I was just curious to see what all the fuss was about. Everyone was talking about this supposedly wild book, so I had to at least take a peek.

That “curious peek” turned into a lot more. A LOT MORE! I couldn’t stop myself from reading. I couldn’t stop imagining myself having those experiences. I was surprised to find myself getting uncontrollably turned on while reading… turned on in a way that I had never felt before.

Something Deep Inside Of Me “Woke Up”…
Never To Go Back To Sleep Again!

Igniting The Fire | Complete Digital Package - Image 1

I didn’t know what was happening to me, and I was afraid to tell anyone. What if they think I’m weird? What if they don’t understand? What if they tell someone else? I wasn’t just some anonymous person; I was a senior department head!

I knew I could only trust 2 people with this information… my 2 best friends Cindy and Christine. One afternoon at lunch I finally spilled the beans. They read the books too, so I knew they’d at least understand a little. Once we got past our initial shyness, the 3 of us dove in and began passionately discussing the sex scenes and how hot they were!

I confessed to my friends that I had become a bit obsessed. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have experiences like that! At first they were silent, but then my friend Cindy admitted that shehad the same thoughts. Then Christine came clean and said she had moved on and found other books that were just as exciting… or even better! She even offered to loan them to me.

After lunch, Cindy pulled me aside and said she had a “new friend” that I should meet named Master Arcane. I was immediately intrigued. I was curious why he was called “Master” so I asked Cindy. She told me that he was a Genuine Living BDSM Expert. Cindy said she’d have him call me to discuss my “new interests”.

That’s When I Met The Man Who
Would Change My Life Forever!

Master Arcane was what’s known as a Dominant in the world of BDSM. Apparently he was teaching courses to people just like me whose curiosity was driving them nuts and who wanted to find out how to experience the thrill of being dominated and losing control in the bedroom.

After a quick email exchange, I was invited to attend one of his beginners classes. I nervously stepped foot through the door, not sure of what I’d see in there. To be honest, I expected everyone to be wearing leather pants, chains, and have mohawks or something… but I was surprised to see regular people in the classroom.

Married couples… casual single women…obvious professionals…young lovers….just regular people… people like ME!

I let out a deep sigh of relief. Maybe everything was going to be okay after all…

As Soon As He Walked Into The Room,
I Knew Something Was Different About Him!

It became clear that this was not a “regular” guy. He was oozing masculinity and strength… the kind of quiet strength I thought only existed in romance novels and movies. But that’s not all, because when I read Fifty Shades… I came to believe that all “Dominants” were controlling jerks with emotional problems.

But not Master Arcane. He was polite, caring, and it was clear that he really knew his stuff when it came to the whole world of BDSM, Domination and Submission. As a matter of fact, the FIRST THING he asked us when class began was, “Okay first things first… who here has read Fifty Shades Of Grey?”

Igniting The Fire | Complete Digital Package - Image 2

All the hands went up.

That wasn’t what surprised me, though. What did surprise me was what he said next.

“Listen to me. I’m glad that the novel ignited your curiosity about BDSM, but that was just a very small taste. The real stuff… the stuff you’re going to learn tonight… is FAR better and MUCH more enjoyable. Raise your hand if you are interested”

All the hands shot up even faster this time, especially mine.

I Finally Found What I Was Looking For… A Real Teacher!

To say my sex life “took off” would be the understatement of the year. Under Master Arcane’s guidance, I discovered parts of myself that had been laying dormant my whole life. Those parts got woken up when I read Fifty Shades (and similar books), but it left me with a yearning to have those experiences myself.

I wanted to know what it was like. The not knowing… the anticipation… the shock and surprise of sensation… and the total freedom that comes from surrendering to someone I trusted.

Master Arcane taught me where to meet the kind of man who could give me the experiences I deeply craved. He showed me how to screen and select the right one, and also even more importantly… how to avoid controlling, abusive jerks and phonies who are also lurking on the scene.

And I did! I found someone who was beyond my wildest expectations, someone who wanted to learn and grow and explore this whole incredible, sexy world with me. Someone I could trust and feel safe giving up control to for a while. All I can say is WOW… it was worth taking those classes!

Speaking of which, Master Arcane decided that it was time to put all of his wisdom into an online course. He wanted to be able to teach his decades of wisdom to people all over the world, so that those were not local to him could still learn. Now that Fifty Shades had ignited the interest of so many people he decided it’s time to finally release this program to the world.

Introducing: Igniting The Fire -
The Art Of Romantic Submission

Igniting The Fire | Complete Digital Package - Image 3

There is no other program like this on earth. It’s the result of Master Arcane’s 30+ years of experience in BDSM, Domination and Submission. It covers literally everything you need to know to get started.

If you’re a single woman like I was, then you’ll learn where to meet great men who are enthusiastic about helping you explore your dark, naughty side together. You’ll also learn how to steer clear of the fakes and wanna-be’s out there (and believe me… they’re out there).

And if you’re in a relationship already, Igniting The Fire is perfect for you. This program will give you the tools, guidance, and inspiration you and your partner need to spice things up in (and out) of the bedroom. If you thought Fifty Shades was hot… just wait till you see how powerful and capable your man can become when you both get the right guidance.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover:

  • D/s, S&M and Bondage are the same thing right? WRONG. Page 29 - 31 reveals the unique stimulating differences… PLUS how to figure out which one to try first with your partner.
  • How to clearly communicate to your Master during a “scene” using the “7 Magic Keys of Communication” so you can fine-tune his aggression and tenderness towards you. “This way you can really let him become the powerful man you have always wanted…. and your perfect Beast in the bedroom!” Page 3
  • “Master I am enjoying what you are doing to me, please go on…” can also be translated into ONE simple word that you will learn on Page 5.
  • If something accidentally goes wrong or if there’s an unexpected emergency then you NEED to do this right away! Page 6
  • The one thing you MUST keep in mind if youlove Edge Play, Fear-Games or Mind Fucks. This subtle cue will ensure he keeps your fantasy intensity going without interrupting or killing the game…
  • Medical-Oriented Warning: Are you Diabetic? Do you get frequent asthma or anxiety attacks? Is your skin sensitive? Do you have weak knees? Avoid ruining the entire experience by simply doing this AHEAD OF TIME. Page 8/9
  • Trauma Triggers: It happens. Your partner playfully humiliates or grabs you in a certain way that accidentally brings up something from your past. You need to DO THIS RIGHT AWAY so he/she holds you, protects you and reminds you that everything is safe in the moment. Page 9
  • Do you want to be dominated 24/7? Then you need to know about this unique Safe Word in case your Master’s command could negatively affect your job, career or livelihood. Page 10
  • Are you close to your own limits but want to keep pushing further? Better yet, do you want your partner to DECIDE for you? Simply utter this “M” word to spice things up and give him full control. HINT: It’s not Master. Page 15

Next You’ll Discover How To Create A Dominant & Submissive Relationship With Your Man (Which Makes Sex Hotter Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!)

Here’s what this section of the program will teach you:

  • Slave Posture: Do these 5 things right away when he gives you a “Posture” verbal command. Not only will it please him, it will also train you to become the perfect, graceful submissive for him. Page 19
  • Correct and Incorrect ways to assume standard, sexy slave-postures during your training. HINT: One of these postures will teach you to recognize the beauty of the warming electricity of your Master’s eyes every time contact is made. Page 20
  • How to pay your respects to your Master with the ultimate Bow-Greeting position. PLUS kiss this part of your Master to share a deep connection as a disciplined sexy slave. Page 25
  • How to quickly but gracefully assume THIS position if your Master introduces you to another Esteemed Dominant or if he simply needs you to wait like a perfect pet ready for play. Page 28
  • THEE Classic Kneeling Position - Here’s exactly what you need to do should your Master want you to kneel in elegance. Page 30
  • Do you like Animal Play (pretending to be a kitten or puppy)? Then here’s a fun, unique TWIST to the Kneeling Position when you hear the word “Sit.” Page 32
  • Your Master might want you to look at something or needs your attention directly upon him. With this Position only your head and eyes are “Free” to follow his directions. Page 34
  • This beautiful slave-position says, “I am here completely present and completely ready to serve you, my respected and beloved Master” in a subtle, soft and emotionally contained pose. Page 38
  • To PROVE you’re sexually and physically devoted to your Master, when he says “Present” you’ll do this ONE kinky thing with your legs. If you’re shy you might need a bit of practice. Page 40
  • After a long intense play session, the sheer amount of Endorphins coursing through your veins can become overwhelming. In this case you might get into a “Decompress” position. This pose is a quite beautiful combination of elements that promote a relaxed and meditative state of mind. Page 47
  • A fun “Secretarial Position” you NEED to do whenever your Master has an important business meeting. Here, you’ll become a useful little sexy slave representing him by his side. Page 58
  • Thee Standing Position - The most commonly used position for whenever you and your Master are together in public and he wishes to instantly create a microscopic, subtle “scene.” HINT: No one else will notice, but it can transform the most mundane day into an exciting and passionate moment. Page 62
  • Hot, Sexy and erotic Verbal Commands used to put you in a submissive place in publicor private. Page 75
  • You’re walking next to your Master. He then snaps his fingers and points to the ground next to his right shoulder. Page 84 shows exactly what you need to do next. PLUS 5 other stimulating hand signaling commands to follow. HINT: Look directly at his hand so you don’t miss it!
  • When your Master whispers into your ear “Fingers” - you do THIS with your hands. It’s especially important if you’re both new to BDSM and want to remain in deep submissive mind without interfering the scene. Page 89
  • Do you have fantasies of profound submission and devotion? Page 105 shows the “Six Levels of Being in Role” so you learn the full range of intensities as your Master’s eager sexy slave. You’ll experience magical moments when the world fades into the background and the two of you merge into an expression of trust, love and the D/s Arts.
  • The ONE RULE to follow when you want to express your love, feelings and devotion to your Master. Page 117
  • How to express your feelings through your eyes, or through subtle body language. A simple gesture no matter how refined can overflow with the same passion and power that runs through your happy slave-heart. Page 119
  • What the Japanese Language can teach you about developing a trusting bond with your Master, from serving him in bed to transitioning into a 24/7 beloved slave. Page 122
  • How to speak to your Master to build a stronger, realistic and wetter BDSM experience. HINT: It starts with “Master if it pleases you…Page127
  • How to speak while in role to develop a deep sense of communication between you and your Master. Page 133
  • If you’re in-role at a local event and need your Masters attention, do this unique “Gesture of Requesting Attention” without interrupting his conversation. Doing this impresses him and others. Page 135

And Now We Move Into The Next Section Which Teaches You The Art Of Becoming A Perfect Slave For Your Master!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The “17 General Protocols” you should ALWAYS try to perfect, integrate and use in your everyday life. These serve to nurture and beautify the garden of the Master-slave relationship. Page 145
  • How to GREET your Master when he arrives home. PLUS an erotic way to present your favorite toy. Page 146
  • What to do as you are getting ready to cum, especially if you are gagged. Page 148
  • Don’t forget this one wonderful RULE when having a fun competition or debate with your Master. Page 155
  • You will never say, “I’m ugly” or “I’m stupid” ever again. Page 157 goes over “The Protocol of Self Respect” when owned.
  • Even a bit of Zen Buddhism can teach you about perfectly transitioning into becoming a full-time devoted submissive. Plus how to get your Master to understand your own needs. Page 179
  • The ONE solution to a variety of problems that plague people around the world every single day. And how this solution is one of the essential qualities that elicits the most sincere beauty from the slave’s heart. Page 185
  • How EGO can get in the way of fulfilling your fantasy. HINT: It’s not about getting praise from your master, but something much more important. Page 187
  • For you to develop into the most Truly Beautiful being that you can possibly become, you must hold high THIS heavenly quality. It’s one of the True Criteria for Passionate and Perfect submission. Page 190
  • How Protocols and Etiquette as a slave can help your day-to-day life, career and goals. Page 191
  • Ever feel frustrated, annoyed or pissed off from your job or work? Here’s how your slave protocols and slave attire can help you shed the bad and empower a beautiful refreshing transformation. Page 191
  • Are you average looking? As it turns out, there’s a very special reason you should consider yourself LUCKY! Find out why on page 192.
  • How Princes Diana, Hillary Swank, and Jennifer Garner can help you understand the perfect way to enter the luxurious world of euphoric surrender to your Master. Page199
  • Like Karate, there are ranks you need to go through with your Master before moving into a deeper and deeper submissive state of mind. Page 203 will show you when you deserve your first formal Collar.
  • Has it been a few weeks role-playing as a submissive but you don’t feel owned like you want to feel? Page 207 reveals what could be the problem. HINT: Your upbringing may have something to do with it.
  • If you don’t FEEL this unique emotion when starting your D/s relationship, then you’ll never live your fantasy. Page 208
  • Why becoming a sexy slave to your Master shares a deeper “Equality” within the relationship than most Vanilla relationships could ever hope for. Page 220

Finally You’ll Learn All The Traps To Avoid When Either Choosing A Dom Or Creating This Kind Of Relationship With Your Man (This Is Critically Important And Will Make Sure You Safely Enjoy BDSM For Years To Come!)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • READ THIS FIRST! The 12 elusive, poisonous traps you NEED to discuss before you start your BDSM training. Failure to do so could ruin the entire experience and possibly even your whole D/s relationship. Page 223
  • Your Master may accidentally remind you of someone else entirely that you personally hate or dislike. Here’s a unique way to handle this before you project that negative energy on to your Master! Page 246
  • The BIGGEST myth passed around within BDSM. This bullshit thinking can cause turmoil, conflict and ultimately lead to a break-up. Page 251
  • What you NEED to do if you’ve ever experienced childhood abuse (or any form of negative past) WARNING: Don’t gloss over this if your Master thinks he can resolve your inner turmoil just because he has a good, kind heart! Page 252
  • Is your Master a bit of a goofball here and there? Do you and your Master consistently share light-hearted happy or comical moments? Here’s how to easily avoid this common problematic side-effect that can happen subconsciously as a result. Page 262
  • The 16 Traditions for a truly impeccable 24/7 slave. Some of these Traditions represent the very best techniques from avariety of BDSM schools from around the world. Some have been handed down for centuries! Page 275
  • You might be REQUIRED to learn this thing for your Master. It produces a tantalizing, erotic display for him and an inspiring experience for both of you. Page 279.
  • If you want affection but your Master is busy, ALWAYS do THIS. Rest assured that the affection that follows will be as pure as the first rays of sunshine in the cold early morning. Page 284
  • What if you are away from your Master’s house? Here’s the naughty, kinky Ground Rules your master will create for your daily activities. Page 287
  • The 5 Features required when negotiating the Master-Slave contract. This represents the DEEPEST relationship in the D/s Universe! Page 300
  • How to TRULY know your own Hard Limits. HINT: You have to be in THIS unique state of mind to find out. Page 301
  • Want to try something erotic and naughty from a novel but too shy to get into it?Here’s how you can try it out without feeling awkward. Page 303.
  • A Sample Master-Slave Contract to help inspire you to create your own, beautiful covenant between you and your Master. Take your time, but more importantly, let your contract become an expression of the Passion and Joy that you share with each other. Page 307.
  • Think the Job of a Master is easy? How ironic and completely wrong! There’s no doubt that you as the submissive have to commit and make sacrifices, but your Master also has to make BIG sacrifices. There’s a reason why there are so very, very few trustworthy Master’s. Page 313
  • How and why D/s can help you achieve your own personal life goals, dreams and build better habits. Page 315.
  • These 4 Nutritional Supplements can help you improve circulation for whenever you’re enjoying tight bondage. Page 319
  • And much more!

Wow, I’m Going To Learn All That From One Course?

Actually yes. This program is the only one you’ll ever need. It gives you a complete education on everything from:

  • Finding a high-quality Dominant if you don’t have one already.
  • Creating a BDSM relationship with your boyfriend or husband.
  • Getting started the right way so you can enjoy a lifetime of pleasure while skipping all of the pitfalls and traps most people fall into that discourages them from trying again.
  • And finally becoming truly excellent in the Art of Domination and Submission. The better you are at being the perfect submissive in the bedroom (and sometimes out if you wish), the better a Dominant you’ll have in your life.

And the best part? You won’t have to spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to learn this the slow and hard way like Master Arcane did. He’ll shave years off your learning curve so you can go straight to the kind of kinky, erotic bedroom play that you’ve been longing for.

The Igniting The Fire Complete Digital Package
Worth Over $400 INCLUDES:

  • IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission (Ebook edition), the first book from The Crow Academy, with more than 220 beautiful photos illustrating exactly how to perform various techniques as well as take you into the luxurious and passionate world of Domination and Submission
    • Fully formatted as an Epub to perfectly fit your Apple, Modern Kindle & Most Ebook Readers seamlessly.
    • Fully digitally indexed to quickly go from the Table of Contents directly to the exact section you want.
  • Free LIFETIME Membership Into The Crow Academy Members Lounge
  • The IGNITING THE FIRE Video Companion to The Book - quick & easy “How-To” videos showing you the perfect way to perform positions, signals, and more
  • The IGNITING THE FIRE Streaming Audio Course for Beginners - lessons from TWO world-renowned Dominants, Master Arcane & Master Thorn
  • Access to the Forever Free Crow Academy Members Library - BDSM Documents, Streaming Instructional Videos and Worksheets To Inspire & Guide you and your partner in all your BDSM Adventures
  • The Natural Dominance Magnifier - 3 Special Bonuses to get you Up & Running FAST! Read below for details...
  • The Pre-Play Checklist (Don’t Ever Play Without It)
  • Access to Members Only Training Webinars at no additional cost!
  • Access Members Only Discussion Forums at no additional cost!
  • And Much More!

How Much Does It Cost?

In all honesty, the better question would be how much does it save you. If you tried to learn even 1/10th of this on your own, you can expect to invest years of your time and thousands of dollars (not to mention while making a lot of painful mistakes).

Master Arcane has dedicated his life toward helping others explore BDSM in a way that’s safe and fun. A LOT of fun! The way BDSM sex is supposed to be.

If you wanted to fly out to Los Angeles and work with Master Arcane directly, you can expect to spend at least $3,000 for personal training. If you wanted to attend one of his weekend seminars, you can expect to spend at least $1,000. And neither of those includes the cost of flight and hotel.

But now you can learn everything that Master Arcane teaches his private clients and workshop attendees for much less. Because he’s able to pass his knowledge onto you without spending his personal time doing so (he’s already created the course), he’s decided to offer the entire program for the special price of:

One Payment Of $67

And that’s not all. When you order today, you also get 3 special bonuses included with the main program.

Bonus #1 - Discover Your Partner's (or Your Own) Natural Dominance

Have you ever wondered if your partner has what it takes to dominate you in the bedroom? Would you like a sure-fire way to find out?

Master Arcane has developed a proprietary process for quickly discovering whether anyone has what it takes to safely and romantically dominate their partner. In fact, both new and long-term couples alike often bring their partner to meet Master Arcane just so he can evaluate them using this process.

It’s very revealing and eye opening!

Many Have Been Shocked To Discover That
Their Partner Is More Dominant Than They Realized!

The best part? You can use this simple process without anyone knowing. This lets you discover for yourself (in total secrecy) whether or not your partner has the seeds of romantic dominance inside of them already. Perhaps they are 90% of the way there and just have not let it out yet. This will let you find out for sure.

Igniting The Fire | Complete Digital Package - Image 4

Master Arcane walks you through 9 key observations you can make about your partner that tell you right away how likely he is to become your Dream Dominant. (Remember, we are looking for seeds of dominance, not fully developed dominance - that comes after).

Not only do you get to learn which traits a good dominant must possess, you’ll also find out which traits your partner already has (and which ones they still need to develop - and how to develop them).

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover:

  • One trait that should make you RUN in the other direction and never consider letting this kind of person dominate you.
  • The single most important quality to look for if you want to have an endless amount of fun in your BDSM play! You might never have considered that this one part of them that you see all the time can translate into the both of you having magical experiences in the bedroom.
  • Warning: The one trait you must watch out for in your partner, because it leads to mistakes and accidents during BDSM play. You must check to make sure he doesn’t have this before you allow them to engage in any form of BDSM play with you.
  • And much more!

Bonus #2 - A Special Letter From Master Arcane To Your Partner (Or Future Partner If You’re Single)

Have you struggled to even bring this whole topic up with your partner? Do you want them to fully embrace your deep and naughty desires? Have you dropped some hints here and there, and they are just not “getting it”?

Igniting The Fire | Complete Digital Package - Image 5

If you said yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone… but I have good news for you. Master Arcane has already solved this problem for you. He’s done the heavy lifting for you by composing a special letter you can give to your partner. This letter will help you express how you feel, and it will safely reveal your desire to be sensually dominated.

And don’t worry, Master Arcane says it in a way that makes your partner feel great about themself, and gets them excited about the possibility of giving you everything you ever dreamed of and more!

This letter is a perfect tool to help you open up the conversation with your partner and get the ball rolling. Use this letter if you truly have no idea of what to say, as well as only a vague idea of what you want. It summarizes what most people feel when they want to explore BDSM with their partner and they’re not sure how to bring it up.

Bonus #3 - Fast Start Guide - How To Make Your First Few Experiences Beautiful And Fun!

In this third bonus, you and your partner are going to learn a few simple and easy techniques to get you safely started playing withsome deliciously fun BDSM. This could actually be one of the most important parts of the whole system!

Igniting The Fire | Complete Digital Package - Image 6


Because your first few experiences are the most important, and you want them to be wonderfully sweet and memorable (for the both of you). It’s one thing to have a bunch of knowledge about how to do something, but actually getting started and doing it… that’s when your dreams finally become reality.

It’s time to get ready for surprises that thrill you and make you swoon! Everything from blindfolds to bondage is covered. This easy-to-follow guide is going to get you having fun quickly, confidently and safely.

Here are just a few of the many things you’ll learn:

  • Simple tools and toys that increase your pleasure and make you more sensitive to pleasure.
  • A unique form of erotic spanking that sends shockwaves of pleasure straight to your genitalia (most people don’t know there’s a special place you must spank in order to get the most sensual pleasure from it).
  • You’ll learn a simple rule that guarantees your bondage will always be comfortable while making absolutely certain you can’t move. That way you can fully focus on the sensations they're giving you!
  • You’ll also learn how your partner can instantly tell if your bondage is too tight. That way they can adjust it so you feel as comfortable as possible.
  • One simple change you can make to the way you talk to each other throughout the day that instantly increases the sexual energy between you. This also has the fun side effect of making you both eager with anticipation for your “bedroom time” later on. Master Arcane has received many reports of longer, stronger orgasms happening from this one simple practice alone.
  • The#1 question you should ask each other after every BDSM game you play. When you ask this, you very quickly seal and deepen the bond between you two. This question guarantees that your sex life will continue to grow hotter and close reach and every time you play together.
  • And much more!

You Can’t Buy These Bonuses Anywhere,
But They’re Included Free When You Order Today!

Think about it, $67 comes out to only $2.21 a day for a month. What else do you spend $2.21 on every single day that makes no difference in your sex life whatsoever? For that same amount of money, you could have the kind of sex life that OTHER people would pay to read about! Isn’t that worth a small investment to make happen?

And I have more good news. Master Arcane believes in his teachings so much, and he’s SO confident that this system is going to transform your love life forever that he’s willing to take all the risk off your shoulders. That’s why he’s created his:

100% No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

His guarantee is simple. Try the program out. Enjoy the free bonuses. If you don’t feel more confident in your ability to bring BDSM into your sex life, if your sex life doesn’t become the rich, fulfilling experience you know you want for yourself, or if you just don’t like the font Master Arcane used in the course… you can simply send an email to support [AT] and you’ll get a fast, no-hassle refund.

And that means you’ll have seen the whole program for free. Why would he be willing to do this? Two reasons. First, Master Arcane wants to treat you the way he wishes other businesses treated him. If you’re not happy for any reason, he wouldn’t want to keep your money. It goes against his code of ethics.

But the other reason… the main reason… is because he knows this stuff works! He’s a genuine Master, and he’s laid everything out for you here on a silver platter. He’s made it as easy as humanly possible for you to finally experience the kind of sex life you’ve been craving, and do it in a way that’s safe, playful, fun, and satisfying!

Here’s How To Order

Simply click on the big, orange “Add To Cart” button below, and here’s what will happen. You’ll be taken to Master Arcane’s encrypted order page which is 100% secure.

Then just take a minute and enter your billing details, and you’ll be charged only one payment of $67. Your credit card will show a charge from Clickbank which is the company he uses to process his orders. They’ve been around for a very long time and your details are safe with them.

After that, you’ll get instant access to the entire program plus the free bonuses… even if it’s 3 in the morning. The whole thing is set up to be extremely easy. Remember, there’s no risk at all. If you’re not happy for any reason, you can get a quick, no-hassle refund with no questions asked. That’s how much Master Arcane believes in this program.

Go ahead and click the “Add To Cart” button below, and enjoy the program.

Jennifer Benson

P.S. - Whether you’re single or in a relationship right now, Master Arcane’s program will gently guide you toward enjoying the kind of naughty sex you’ve been dreaming about. He knows what you want, and he wants to show you how to have it. There’s no risk. Make this investment in yourself, and let him show you just how incredible your sex life can be. Click the “Add To Cart” button now, and we’ll see you inside the Members Area where you can get instant access to Master Arcane’s amazing knowledge!