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The Art of Romantic Submission

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Finally! Here’s How You Can Bring To Life Those Naughty ‘50 Shades’ Fantasies Your Mind Can’t Stop Thinking About!

It Is Time To Experience The Incredible World of Romantic Domination & Submission!

Enter the world of the Passionate Intertwining of Souls known as Master & Slave…

Protocols... Etiquette... Signals... Style... KNOWLEDGE.

Step Into a Secret World where Master Arcane from
The Crow Academy Reveals:

  • Exactly how to start your adventure as a new Dominant or new Submissive and what you must know as a beginner (this part is critical if you want to have the best possible experience).
  • What you should look for in a BDSM Partner (Dominant or Submissive), and which warning signs will give them away as an amateur.... or complete newcomer themselves.
  • The top 3 mistakes people make when looking for a Real Life BDSM Partner and how to avoid them. For your own pleasure (and safety), you must know these 3 pitfalls ahead of time.
  • What real people just like you genuinely DO in the actual world of Domination & Submission.
  • …and So Much More!!!

“I've read it twice and so have my subs. I thoroughly recommend it.” – RD

Dear fellow seeker,
Let me ask you something…

  • Do you ever find yourself craving the kind of sexy, intense experiences you read
    about in erotic novels like Fifty Shades of Grey?
  • Do you have a deep, unexplainable yearning that just can’t seem to be satisfied by ordinary sex?
  • Do you ever imagine what it would be like to surrender control and be masterfully “handled” by your dominant partner, or to ? A man or woman who knew exactly how to play with your senses like a master musician plays their instrument and makes it come to life?
  • Or have you ever wondered… in your most private moments… what it would feel like to enjoy far more exciting and stimulating experiences than ordinary sex allows for?

To learn all these secrets and many, many more you need to be taught by a Master, someone who will confidently and safely steer you past pitfalls and amateur attempts, and expertly guide you straight to the kind of passionate depths and erotic heights you’ve been craving. Master Arcane will take you there quickly and easily.

“Definitely a great read, very informative. Also the kind of book you can go back and reference certain sections without needing to re-read the whole thing. I’d highly recommend it to anyone, newbie & experienced alike.” – TS

  • BEGIN immediately with a COMPLETE PROGRAM to teach both the Dominant and the Submissive a full repertoire of Positions, Commands, Gestures, Activities and Signals...
  • EXPLORE the EXALTED ART of Domination and Submission with your Lover and open up to the connection that you’ve always dreamed about...
  • ENHANCE almost every aspect of your Daily Life with The Crow Academy’s IMMACULATE SYSTEM of Precise PROTOCOLS and Exquisite ETIQUETTE...
  • ACHIEVE an ever-growing bliss in your Relationship using Refined TOOLS and TECHNIQUES to keep your BDSM Journey SAFE and FUN!

“Just wanted to say I have been reading your Book via kindle and amazon and its like a bible that was written for my partner and I. Its so refreshing to read such care to detail of the mind and heart instead of trying to detach the two and work on the power play of the mind. The book is like my manual for life and play. My partner and I have been discussing chapters and sections at length and both saying its like you’ve read our minds and hearts and have set the record straight on how loving this lifestyle can be.” – PR

IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission contains over 200 beautiful photos by world famous photographers KEN MARCUS and PERRY GALLAGHER. Ken’s visual precision perfectly illustrates numerous Lessons, while Perry’s eye reflects the passion and majesty of the beautiful connection found in Romantic Domination and Submission.

There is no other program like this on earth. It’s the result of Master Arcane’s 30+ years of Real World Experience in BDSM, Domination & Submission. It covers literally everything you need to know to get started.

And if you’re in a relationship already, Igniting The Fire is perfect for you. This program will give you the tools, guidance, and inspiration you and your partner need to spice things up in (and out) of the bedroom. If you thought Fifty Shades was hot… just wait till you see how powerfully erotic your life will become when you both get the right guidance.


ALL Crow Academy Materials exist to establish Formal Domination & Submission (aka “Kinky D/s”) as a Safe, Meaningful, Conscientious, and Deeply Connecting Romantic Relationship. Above all, in ALL Crow Academy Materials you will See, Feel, and Learn how D/s is an Art Form with the power to passionately uplift two people — the Dominant and the Submissive — into an incredible connection that most other kinds of relationships will only ever dream about.

As Master Arcane often says:

"At The Crow Academy we do not teach people how to be merely functional in their D/s; We teach them how to be EXCEPTIONAL. We do not just teach people how to become a Dominant and a Submissive; We teach them how to become Finely Tuned Companions."

While written from Master Arcane’s Male-Dominant / female-submissive perspective, the lessons in IGNITING THE FIRE can intentionally be juxtaposed for ANY Gender and ANY Role combination.

Throughout every word you read or image you see, Master Arcane keeps it REAL. Your senses will tingle as you wander through the clear, elegant and romantic style of The Crow Academy. Master Arcane guides you through All The Steps required to achieve a superior relationship as Dominant and Submissive.

This is Your Invitation to join The Master Down The Rabbit Hole in a world where Fantasies are Brought To Life, Honor is Unmistakable, Grace & Poise are Exalted, and Souls Dance in The Most Elegant Embrace. It is Your Invitation into a very genuine Wonderland lined in Velvet and Leather, Sense and Sensuality, where the air you breathe contains the Scent of Dreams become MANIFEST.

IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission
by Master Arcane

Illustrative Photos by Ken Marcus
Additional Imagery by Perry Gallagher

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