As part of our commitment to Crow Academy Members, Master Arcane is pleased to provide Members-Only Webinars where he (and the occasional Guest Speaker) teach one-hour complimentary classes on Zoom. Members always get notified in advance via a special Members-Only version of our newsletter with the exact date, time, and the Zoom link. Every Webinar starts in a Q&A format where Members get to ask their most pressing questions via the chat feature, and the most important topics receive the most attention.

Afterwards, an audio recording of each Webinar gets permanently stored in the Members Library Webinar Archives so Members can listen to them as often as they please. Like all Audio and Video courses from The Crow Academy, all past Webinar recordings are streaming so you can listen to them from any device, anytime, anywhere when logged into your Member Account. These classes are for anyone who wants to learn first-hand from Master Arcane about the multitude of passionate experiences available in the vast universe of the BDSM and D/s Arts.

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