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The Video Mastery Course lets you sit with two world-renowned Masters, Master Arcane from The Crow Academy, and Master Thorn from The Sanguine Pack, as they discuss a vast number of facts, techniques, and amazing experiences that they want you to also be able to experience Safely and Intelligently. A vast number of topics are covered, and a description can be found next to each video so you can quickly recall where you left off in your personal BDSM education.

Master Arcane and Master Thorn provide two unique and wildly different styles of BDSM and D/s, yet in the several hours of this course you will get to hear how much these two styles overlap and compliment each other, bringing you closer to important truths that will serve you elegantly in your personal BDSM adventures.

The Video Mastery Course is divided into three sections: Intermediate, Advanced, and two Bonus videos. If you have not heard it yet, we recommend you listen to the Beginners Audio Course as well if you are brand new to the world of BDSM and D/s.


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