These 30 short How-To videos will specifically enhance and illuminate your experience of the book, “IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission” by Master Arcane. All 30 videos are expertly performed by Master Simon Blaise and his personal slave Moonlight, as well as by the submissive talents of Darby and Erin. The same people you see in the book are the actual ones showing you how to perform each technique.

Each video clip you see refers to specific Positions and Signals found in the book, with a detailed, step-by-step description of the exact process for each technique and activity narrated by Master Arcane himself. In the book, these Positions and Signals are accompanied with beautiful photographs by Ken Marcus to further illustrate exactly how the activity is done correctly. All 30 videos were filmed in the same private play-space as the photos in the book to maintain absolute congruence for ease of learning.

Your greatest learning experience will come from absorbing as much of the material in the book as possible, and then absorbing these clips to gain superior clarity and understanding.

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