The Crow Academy Members Library is where you will find a number of useful Documents and educational Videos which will always be 100% FREE for our Members. You will also find access to past Crow Academy Members Webinars recorded by Master Arcane for Members Only on the Webinar Archive page to listen to at your convenience.

Items to be found in the Members Library are intended to greatly assist you in your BDSM adventures and your Dominant-Submissive explorations. All Documents found in the Members Library are fully downloadable so you can keep them for handy reference. Most documents are PDF files, while a few are intentionally Microsoft Word documents so you can modify them easily to suit your personal needs.

Please note that all Videos are Streaming to make it incredibly easy to access them at any time from any device once you log into your Crow Academy Member Account. The Webinar Archives are also Streaming for your convenience.

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